1. Log into the WHM Server (details are under tso details
  2. Next we need to make a backup of the new site (the .meltdemo site you have been working on). First go to List Accounts and find your website. 
  3. Click on Cpanel and go into file manager
  4. Go into “public html” and select all the files. Right click and compressSave as zip.
  5. The zip file will download (for me it was called application.zip)

Copying The Database

  1. We need to go into phpmyadmin from the cpanel
  2. On the left is a list of all the Databases associated with your website. Click on the one that you created when you first set up the site.
  3. Then click on Export. A “…”.mysql file will download. (This is the DB backup of the meltdemo site.)
  4. Then go back into phpmyadmin and import (or drag the downloaded file onto the button)
  5. Now we need to create a backup of the old site. Repeat steps 2-5. Rename the zip to something like “old-site-backup.zip” so you know the which file is which.
  6. Then in the file directory of the old site you need to make a new folder and call it “newsite” for example
  7. Upload a file into the root of the directory… once this is done you should see the zip.
  8. Extract the zip into the newsite folder
  9. 14. If you need to change the db name or password you would go into application – config – database.php